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Snapchat App a new way to meet people online, Snapchat became popular thanks to it’s unique concept!

Do you know Snapchat? This application to send photos and videos that are destroying themselves once you read them. It’s among the most downloaded apps, alongside WhatsApp and others.

One figure: 400 million photos shared daily pictures disappear forever in a few seconds. You read correctly: the photos sent on Snapchat servers disappear a few seconds after the first consultation. This feature has made a Snapchat sexting network: Users have fun exchanging compromising photos, embarrassing and often sexual in nature.

We tell you what actually Snapchat is all about, how the application works and what are its possible dangers. Indeed, send messages that are destroying is easy, but who can see them is a different story.

snapchat app

Snapchat App explained:

Snapchat is an instant messaging application officially available for Android and iPhone. The app is not yet available on Windows Phone but 6snap, an unofficial application, allows you to access most of the social networking features. For BlackBerry owners, you can install the app Snap2Chat Lite.

Snapchat was one of the first ephemeral messaging. It allows sending photos, videos and drawings to one or more contacts. They can view the contents for 10 seconds maximum. Do you share via the app is not registered. That’s why the majority of users dare to post pictures that they never publish on other social networks and even via email.

Over time, the Snapchat teams have managed to develop their service in small steps. In addition to sending destructible media, users can now treat their personal profile named Story, chat with their friends and even start video chats.

How Snapchat Works? How to use it properly?

First, you must create an account. Enter your email, password and select a user name: you are now ready to send photos that self-destruct. Note however that you can share content with your contacts already on Snapchat. You find them in the Address Book application.

The next step is to take pictures. You can save the picture in the phone memory and add annotations before publishing. Finally, it is for you to set consultation time media, between one and ten seconds. The photo can be sent to one or more contacts. When the media arrived safely, your friends can wait before opening the message ticking.

Once the file is opened, the countdown starts. After the elapsed time, Snapchat permanently deletes the image. The only trace of its passage: a receipt of the message with the sender and the date of dispatch. And if the recipient does not open the message? After 30 days Snapchat erases the server.

With their success among teenagers, Snapchat team have decided to switch to a higher gear. How to combine the need for communication and self-destruction of messages? By integrating a chat module and innovative video calls. If they wish, users can now record the messages exchanged during the chat.

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Is it possible to make screenshots of Snapchat?

The answer is yes. Each image sent via Snapchat is stored on the servers of the publisher until the recipient logs in. Once the fate of these media servers, it is temporarily stored in the phone memory as a hidden file (.jpegnomedia).

The simplest way to back up an image of Snapchat is therefore the screenshot. But the company has thought of everything: to view the image, you must keep your finger on the screen.

Alternatively, make screenshots with an Android emulator like BlueStacks (Windows and Mac).

Snapchat on Bluestacks

Snapchat on Bluestacks. Easy, safe and fast.

If your photo has not been seen, you can retrieve it with specific apps that require rootage your Android. On iPhone, Snapkeep for Snpachat for iOS works even with non-jailbroken phones. This still requires a small operation – you need to login every time you open – but the result is definitely there.

Snapkeep for Snapchat

With Snapkeep for Snapchat, the caller will not be notified if you save the photo …

As we have seen, there is indeed traces of the passage of these media on your phone. Some applications allow you to just pick up the pieces and rebuild, pictures or videos received.

Undelete for Root Users are able to retrieve previously deleted photos

So why did not adopt Snapchat a more efficient method of removal? Two reasons may explain this choice: the technical difficulty that implies the permanent removal of a medium in a short time, but perhaps also legal reasons.

How to explain the success of Snapchat?

The successful implementation Snapchat based on three principles: “A picture is worth a thousand words”, “Enjoy the moment” and “Nothing is eternal.” Young people around the world seem for the moment to appreciate the concept.

The fact of not being able to easily store photos does not seem to frustrate users of the service. Instead, please Snapchat because communication on the network is fleeting. And it is this ephemeral aspect of the app that allows thousands of users to engage in sexting …

Sexting, what is it? What is the relationship with a mobile app?

We have seen, Snapchat is a solution to send images to the limited lifespan. The possible uses of this app are many, but the fact is that many subscribers to use the service Snapchat to exchange erotic or pornographic photographs, practices commonly designated by the term sexting.

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Beyond any ethical or legal considerations, it is difficult to condone this practice by increasing what sexting. Although the publisher has tried to minimize the phenomenon in an interview, this practice is actually one of the keys to success Snapchat.

Are there alternatives to Snapchat?

Again, the answer is yes. There are similar services Snapchat. Here is a list of 6 applications to send messages that self-destruct. And if he had only one request, it would probably be Wickr, available for Android and iPhone.

Wickr The service offers encrypted instant messages and self-destruction of the latter. On security, Wickr offers more guarantees than Snapchat.

How Snapchat App Works:

You send your photo and you receive only the girl but you can not download or store it on your hard drive, so everyone loose on Snapchat, including girls.
All the latest marketing studies show that the generation that starts from 14 communicates and date on Snapchat.

It vibrates in your pocket? This is to warn you that Snapchat you just got a selfie from someone who lives in the same neighborhood as you. You’re not even “friends” with them on Snapchat, you do not know and even less has you asked him to send you his picture.
On Snapchat is the instant sharing, it is always available and always online with Snapchat, provided that you make part of the age group that uses it is the opportunity to more seduction and instant meetings, especially if you’re photogenic, well yes, no egg head style on twitter Snapchat!

Dating on Snapchat?

Snapchat allows you to shorten and potentiate the seduction phase “I know right away what kind of pictures I need to send to a particular girl, photo business Ralp Lauren shirt or Bad boy mode, c is according ”
All photos that are sent and all the discussions that we have are a good tool to show right away if you or any of sucks a guy worth.

The purpose of the dating on Snapchat in Selfie mode, all without being boring!
Tips and seduction tips on Snapchat.

Before rushing headlong, here are some ideas to boost your meetings via Snapchat:

Apply calculation 2 photos sent to one received.
For suggestive poses, promote by sending Snapchat rather than MMs
Do not send the same photo to chicks that could rub or should live in the same corner.
Never the request for sending the photo, if it does naturally, this is a good point for you, it already gets off a nice face.
Send only pictures of you, it makes perfect sense, but especially as you assume 100%
A priori, even if we say that Snapchat conversations are ephemeral, caution because there are leakage sites, leaks of Snapchat.
Do not play too superficial go retouching your photos on Photoshop, you would be quickly grilled at the meeting IRL.

On Snapchat, do not think that you will be able to dredge cougars or seduce girls over 30 years, it is rather a relatively young population with about twenties.
The main advantage of the dredge on Snapchat is that it changes the monotonous discussions classic dating sites, there it is easy to make a girl laugh or cheer him up by sending a shifted picture.
It’s also a great way to make you more familiar to him, so she will feel that you already know.

In summary, encountered a girl on Snapchat, with which you have sent a few photos is not completely closed to the idea that you spend a few hours together, so we go to the stage of making appointments and fulfillment, thank you Snapchat !